About Jacob Stage

Jacob Stage - Copenhagen based photographer, choreographer and theatredirector, is working in the intersections where theatre, dance, film and performance meet fine art photography+video, portraiture, street and eventphotography. 

He has been affiliated with the Roskilde Festival mediadepartment for a number of years and is collaborating with a wide range of theatres, providing both video and photography.

As a photographer his background in the world of theatre indeed adds a dramatic, strong and poetic feel to his visual style. Furthermore he sees every shoot as an opportunity to create a relaxed , fun and interactive meeting with the client. 

His studio is located at "the french street" of Værnedamsvej in Vesterbro/Copenhagen.

His Hybrid Theatre company The Peoples Entertainment Group, has earned him the prestigious Danish National Theatre Award Reumert (2016) as well as the Danish Critics Award The Theatre Cat (2015).

With a background in physical theatre and co-founding acclaimed danish dancecompany Mute Comp. Physical Theatre in 1999, his artistic expression is highly visual, poetic and musically

His curriculum through 25 years of stage experience contains collaborations and projects with both young people and adults, amateurs and professionals. Dancers, actors, new circus artists, puppeteers, composers, musicians and videoartists among others.

The work of Jacob Stage has been shown at underground venues, well known theatres, festivals and all in-between.

As a choreographer/director he is Interested in collaborations with dancecompanies and established theatres, who are interested in an innovative mix of genres with an audience appealing outcome.

As a Dancefilmmaker and part of the jury of the 60seconds international Dancefilm competition, Jacob Stage has experience in creation and collaboration within the field of dancefilm, covering tasks as filming, directing, choreographing and editing. 

His dancefilms have been shown at international festivals such as Cinedance in Amsterdam and Dance on Camera in New York.

All pictures by Jacob Stage